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Even but five years ago, it was unthinkable that an ingredient as regular and ubiquitous as sugar would catapult into a massive global controversy. Consumers want less of it, and governments want to tax what’s left – and this is a huge challenge for F&B manufacturers. FOODStuff SA editor, Brenda Neall, explores sugar reduction and Doehler's options with its South African GM, Kieran Quinn.

Imagine that the phone call comes or an email pops into your inbox – “Sir, we have been contacted by the health authorities and they say our product (polony) has been linked to illnesses and deaths. What do we do?” So, what do you do?  Lawrence MacDougall, Tiger Brands' CEO, received that call.  Now, what has he done and what will he do?

The third edition of food & drink technology Africa (fdt Africa) takes place from September 4 to 6, 2018. This is arguably the most important expo for the Southern African F&B market covering the entire process chain – from raw materials to processing, bottling, packaging and logistics.