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Biodegradable plastic promises a plastic that breaks down into natural components when it’s no longer wanted for its original purpose. The idea of a plastic that literally disappears once in the ocean, littered on land or in landfill is tantalising — but also (at this stage) a pipe dream.

The biennial SAAFoST Congress (SA Association for Food Science & Technology) will run from 20 - 22 September this year and make use of virtual event solutions that will propel members to an engaging new experience. This is always a must-do event for anyone involved in the manufacturing of FMCG food/drinks.

We've all had a rough past year, and the challenges are not getting any easier. Thus, there’s likely never been a more important time to showcase your company, products and services to your target market, to create and keep customers - which, of course, is...

Rabbi Desmond Maizels, head of the Cape Town Beth Din Kashrut, passed away on January 15. A giant and a legend in his community, he was well known and well loved by many in the SA food industry in his role as compliance officer for Kosher standards. His death has particularly moved Saul Abrahams, scion of the duo of families who founded Orley Foods, now part of Kerry Ingredients, who pays his respects here.