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South Africa is experiencing regular load shedding, a situation that may well be a reality for some time. Its duration and frequency will potentially affect the safety of food in a refrigerator.  SA's food safety and microbiology doyenne, Dr Lucia Anelich, offers this advice....

South Africa’s leading milk producer, Clover Industries, has received a generous buyout offer from MilCo SA, a consortium that is part-owned by an Israeli firm. The South African wing of the Palestinian pressure group Boycott, Divest, Sanctions has promised militant protests and ‘direct action’. We should not let activists bully us into economic decisions that harm South Africa.

Three decades after the technology was first developed, US company, Epogee, is gearing up for a commercial launch of fat replacers called EPGs (esterified propoxylated glycerols) which can reduce calories from fat by up to 92% without impacting taste or texture.