Hassle-free tripe, now at Woolies

Woolworths has announced its latest culinary offering: oven or pot-ready ox tripe!

Tripe has a rich heritage in many South African households, treasured for its unmistakeable taste, cultural significance and culinary comfort.

Now, designed to suit the dynamic lifestyles of contemporary families, Woolies’ ox tripe can be ready in less than 45 minutes, with minimal fuss. Saying goodbye to hours of meal prep, consumers can now simply heat and serve, guaranteeing a fail-proof feast every time.

The press release expands: “Carefully slow cooked for 17 hours in a flavoursome beef stock, this beloved traditional delicacy, renowned for its rich flavour and hearty texture, now comes conveniently prepared and ready to add your own unique and nostalgic flavour.

“Promising to deliver a taste of tradition with a modern twist, Woolies is now stocking this succulent delicacy in 150 stores nationwide.

“While Woolies’ ox tripe is already cooked and seasoned, the brand encourages customers to bring in their own modern or nostalgic twist to personalise each meal, creating a dining experience that is truly their own.

“Whether it’s a cosy winter dinner or a festive family gathering, this convenient addition to the Woolworths easy meals range promises to elevate any occasion with its unmatched flavour.”

Source: www.woolworths.co.za