Cans are packaging’s hottest property

Few packaging options offer marketers as much…as cans do. Yes cans, aluminium tubs that seal perfectly and make a deliciously satisfying sound when you open them.

They solve a number of problems: they’re light, so they’re less costly to ship around; they’re endlessly recyclable, whatever is inside of them is perfectly preserved (pretty much forever) and they offer an unmatched canvas on which to create visual magic.

Now, according to The Guardian, cans have become aspirational…..

Not so long ago, a distinctive “psssssch” noise was universally recognised as the sound of a can of fizzy pop being cracked open. Today, that sound can be attributed to a host of newly canned libations. From kombucha to crisps, local delis and supermarkets are now stocked with neatly stacked and beautifully designed cans.

Agricola Due Leoni x Jeremy Deller organic extra-virgin olive oil, £126.
Agricola Due Leoni x Jeremy Deller organic extra-virgin olive oil, £126 (R2772!).

Perelló’s large green Gordal olives, in their distinctive pull-ring tin, have become synonymous with London hipsters. The 91-year-old Spanish brand Bonilla a la Vista now sells crisps in tins for a staggering £26, while the Roman olive oil company Agricola Due Leoni has teamed up with artists including Jeremy Deller and David Shrigley on limited-edition tins of organic oil.

Naturally, the drinks industry is on board and there is now a niche canned drink for every need. Struggling with gut health? Try an Olipop soda with plant fibre. Feeling anxious? Sip on Trip’s sparkling elderflower with CBD. Want to upgrade the traditional train tinny? Whitebox’s pocket-sized negroni delivers a strong kick.

“The fact that the French themselves are now doing canned wine is a huge indicator of where we are with the trend,” says Andrea Hernández, the founder of the cult food and drinks trend newsletter, Snaxshot. The global beverage cans market is booming, research suggests its size is expected to surpass £48bn by 2030……

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