ADM’s 2023 global consumer trends report

This past year has sparked many cultural shifts in the world around us. With an aging population, economic and political changes, and a growing focus on healthy living, consumers are reevaluating what truly matters to them regarding how they live and the products they buy.

While numerous consumer trends are contributing to this new purchasing behaviour, ADM has identified the key growth drivers truly paving the way for future innovation.

As companies shift to manage increasing expectations around health and wellbeing, sustainability and food security, they look to signals in the marketplace to determine the relevance and evolution of key consumer driven trends.

Based on in-depth proprietary research and a network of trend spotters around the world, ADM’s annual snapshot highlights the key trend spaces poised to drive growth in the year ahead.

Balanced wellness

A synergistic approach to health and wellbeing is gaining traction among consumers seeking products that support both their physical and mental health.

Growth opportunities

  • Inherently functional and sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Nutrient-dense products specifically designed for vulnerable populations, including children and the elderly
  • Purposeful indulgences (better-for-you and others) that allow for mental and physical self-care
  • Sugar avoidance/reduction solutions via high quality, real food ingredients like fibre that align with wellness goals
  • Value-oriented, widely available and scientifically studied wellness products to promote inclusiveness and trust

A winning edge

  • Fully integrated wellness solutions from ingredient to market-ready finished products
  • Expansive portfolio of innovative, differentiated, and future-forward dietary ingredients designed to meet the emerging needs of wellnessseeking consumers (eg, dietary fibres, functional botanicals, resistant starches, low/no calorie sweeteners, etc)
  • Wholesome nutrition solutions, powered by a wide array of ancient grains, beans, pulses, nuts & seeds, and organic offerings
  • Best-in-class taste and texture modulation for consumer preferred and delicious products

Expanded protein choices

The demand for variety of protein sources is increasing as flexitarians expand their search for resilient food systems.

Growth opportunities

  • Affordable and easy-to-prepare alternative proteins to create more inclusive and accessible end products
  • Future-proof fermented, plant- and cellbased products via simple processing, positive nutrition and ethical production
  • Focus on real, simple ingredients as consumers aspire to ‘whole-food health’ in plant-based meat and dairy alternatives
  • Tailored animal nutrition for specific health or regional needs with science backed, species-specific optimization
  • Highlight narratives of animal nutrition and welfare which result in a healthier, higher quality product for the consumer
  • Transparent sourcing and production methods that speak to food safety and sustainability

A winning edge

  • Expertise in high-performing plant-based alternative proteins for both human and animal nutrition
  • Regionally-sourced pantry of diverse alternative proteins and nutrient-dense ingredients to offer multisensorial taste & texture
  • Flavors for full solutions in plant-based capabilities for meat and dairy replacement, as well as specialized nutrition formulations
  • Deep knowledge of feed additives and ingredients as well as the nutritional needs of animals for optimization
  • Improvement of the nutritional profile and organoleptic quality of end-animal products
  • Holistic approaches for the reduction of antibiotic use and alternative means to support animal health and welfare
  • Lower cost of production through tailored feed solutions

Proactive personalisation

No longer satisfied with a one-size-fits-all approach, consumers are seeking out highly personalised solutions, services, and eating approaches tailored and targeted to their unique needs.

Growth opportunities

  • Tech-enabled, hyper-specific recommendations and solutions for a range of specific conditions, health needs and consumer segments (eg gut health, women’s health, gamers, kids, etc)
  • Personalised diagnostic services, ongoing tracking and tailored nutrition advice for customised solutions
  • Sustainably sourced foods and beverages and ingredients that align with a range of lifestyle diets
  • Customisable flavours and textures to appeal to individual taste preferences
  • Skin care and beauty products for a range of races and ethnicities, allergens/sensitivities and ages

A winning edge

  • Proprietary microbiome solutions tailored specifically for consumers’ most requested health optimisation goals
  • In-house research and discovery of novel pre-, pro-, and postbiotics; pioneer within the postbiotic area, allowing for unrivaled formulation flexibility in supplements, food and beverage, utilising ADM proprietary BPL1 Postbiotic
  • Vast array of functional ingredients to blend and tailor towards personalsed, science-backed functional health solutions targeting specific health needs
  • Technical & formulation expertise to deliver market-ready solutions for lifestyle diets (eg, reduced sugar, gluten-free, keto, vegan, etc)

Social impact

Global events and movements in recent years have highlighted the need for greater social equity as more consumers use their voices and purchasing power to challenge the status quo.

Growth opportunities

  • Highlight fair compensation and support for farmers to connect consumers to producers across the world
  • Combine equitable sourcing narratives with modern wellness cues
  • Ensure inclusivity and diversity throughout the supply chain and all the way to the end user
  • Democratise socially responsibility with affordable and accessible products
  • Connect animal care and feed to conscious consumption – including optimal nutrition for the animal, health for consumers and resource management for the ecosystem

A winning edge

  • Support for farmers’ economic stability by lowering the cost of production through tailored nutrition, including women’s empowerment
  • Responsible sourcing practices to enhance local communities’ access to clean water, sanitation and sustainable agriculture practices
  • Social responsibility and community care across our portfolios; a focus on internal diversity, equity and inclusion
  • ADM Animal Care and Use Committee ensures that the animals involved in animal nutrition research are cared for properly

Modern pet parenting

Pets are experiencing elevated household status as they are increasingly viewed as family members whose needs mirror their owners’.


Earth-friendly production

Heightened concerns about a range of environmental issues are driving consumers to look for products that are not only safer and healthier for them but also the world they live in.


Trust & traceability

Knowing what’s in their food, how it was made, where it came from, and who made it has become central to the consumer purchasing journey.


Experiential eating

Finding adventure and comfort in food through flavor, texture, and cooking methods is driving consumers to experiment with what they eat and the way they prepare their meals.