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US: First new bottle design for Pepsi in 15 years

PepsiCo has redesigned its 20-oz Pepsi bottle (591ml) for the first time in 17 years and which will begin rolling out across America in April. [Click to enlarge]

Featuring a contoured lower half, the new bottle is designed to be easier to grip than its bulky predecessor. It also has a smaller wraparound label, exposing more of the beverage.

The new design is one of several changes by PepsiCo in an attempt to improve sales figures for its soda brand, as it struggles to achieve desired sales figures which declined 4% in volume last year.

Old Pepsi bottleThe change follows a number of splashy marketing moves in the past year by PepsiCo, including a multi-year deal to sponsor the Super Bowl halftime show and a wide-ranging deal with pop star Beyonce.

A PepsiCo spokesman says it will take a year or two before the new bottles entirely replace the current bottles (left), which were introduced in 1993. Small changes were made over the years, such as making the surface easier to grip and shortening the neck of the bottle.

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