The FiE Innovation Awards 2019

The biennial major food ingredients expo, FiE 2019, has just come and gone in Paris. Here are the winners of its Innovation Awards, honouring professionals and companies for their ability to demonstrate and stimulate innovation, and for their contribution to the industry.

Plant-based Innovation Award: Fiberstar

Cleaning up plant-based meat alternatives using Citri-Fi Natural Citrus Fibre

Citri-Fi natural citrus fibre emulsion gel system simulates the functionality of methyl cellulose in meat alternatives to better target the taste and texture of animal meat.

Citri-Fi is used in an emulsion gel to control water and oil release during cooking to provide juiciness and improved mouthfeel in a vegan patty. Food products can be made with a more natural ingredient profile as an option to plant-based consumers who are also concerned about clean label.

Using Citri-Fi also permits higher proportions of healthier liquid oils to be used instead of solid fats.

Food Tech Innovation Award: Corbion

Verdad Opti Powder N350

Traditional dry curing has been used to preserve fish for millenia, but such methods don’t provide adequate pathogen protection within modern food processing and distribution networks.

Corbion’s Verdad Opti Powder N350 is an alternative to traditional curing that combines the flavour and functionality of salt with the proven antimicrobial properties of vinegar, delivering superior Listeria control and extended shelf life.

The product is applied to the flesh surface as with traditional salting, but a patent-pending process blends vinegar and salt granules of uniform size to ensure consistent dosing throughout the fish, maximising antimicrobial efficacy in controlling Listeria outgrowth.

Diversity and Inclusion Award: CP Kelco

CP Kelco’s “I belong” Initiative

“At CP Kelco diversity and inclusion is critical to our company’s success. Our team reflects a culture that supports, values, recognises, and leverages various individual and collective talents, opinions and perspectives.

“In alignment with our mission to be a sustainable company on a natural and human level, we have embarked on a journey to evolve our workforce (how and who we hire), workplace (the everyday experience for our employees) and marketplace (how we interact with our customers and communities).

“Our commitment starts at the top and can be seen by the enthusiastic support and participation from employees around the world.”

F&B Categories Innovation Award: Griffith Foods

Vegetable Based Never Fry Coatings

“We create that added value – health, visual appeal, great taste and texture all married together to provide superior quality with a commercial approach.

“Our product reduces fat from standard products, all packaged with a best in class, clean label practice that is transparent, highly nutritious and user friendly. It can be consumed in the home and for larger production in restaurant/QSR settings, and it’s never fry / oven setting eliminates oil and fryer use, creating greater health and production, cost efficiencies.

Future of Nutrition Award: Viet Nam Food Joint Stock Company

Creating value from shrimp by-products

VNF is the solution to the shrimp heads and shells the world throws away without care.

Before VNF stepped in, shrimp by-products were a burden to the environment, shrimp processors, restaurants – anyone who handled shrimp. But with innovative R&D, VNF developed a biotechnological zero-waste production process to extract nutrients from shrimp byproducts and create unique, natural shrimp food ingredients.

“Our technology will enable aquatic by-products to be utilised as valuable raw materials and as an alternative source of protein for the growing population. The world should see ‘by-products’ as ‘co-products’ because value and nutrition doesn’t stop only at the meat.”

Functional Innovation Award: Bunge Loders Croklaan

Betapol Plus

Bunge Loders Croklaan Introduces Betapol Plus: the next generation of infant milk formula fat.

The improved OPO offers new standard quality for structured lipid systems, designed to even more closely match mother’s milk fat composition.

The new Betapol Plus blend for infant formula offers a 60% OPO/SN-2 level, which is the highest level available on the market; 40 to 50% percent higher than current products, moving closer to the levels of mother’s milk fat than any offering available.

Benefits of Betapol Plus for babies include: improved energy intake, increased bone mineral density, reduced constipation, healthy gut bacteria, less crying, better night sleep.

Reformulation Innovation: Chr Hansen

Sweety cultures for sugar reduction in fermented dairy

Sweety cultures can make fermented milk products healthier by reducing added sugar, whilst keeping the sweet taste of the product.

The Sweety cultures work by converting the naturally occurring sugars in milk, using more of the lactose and leaving glucose. Glucose provides sweetness, meaning that less sugar needs to be added for the same sweetness intensity of the final fermented milk product. This enables the development of natural and clean label products without the use of artificial sweeteners.

Sustainability Champion Award: Palsgaard

The first emulsifier ingredients company to achieve CO2 neutral production.

“On 1 July 2019 Palsgaard – known as the inventor of the modern plant-based emulsifier, achieved total carbon-neutral production two years ahead of its goal, believed to be a first for the whole food ingredients industry.

“Despite operating six energy-intensive production facilities around the world, Palsgaard has reduced its net carbon emissions from 12,029 tonnes in 2010 to zero in 2018. Over that period, it has achieved CO2 reductions totalling 56,175 tonnes – equivalent to the amount produced by 4885 European (EU) households in a year.”

Clean Label and Natural Innovation Award: Chr Hansen

Hansen sweet potato

Strawberry red is a popular shade in many food products – from cakes to confectionary to milkshakes. But until now it’s been extremely difficult to achieve a bright, fire-engine red using colouring without risking an off-taste.

Chr Hansen has commercialised a new vegetable variety – the Hansen sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas, using traditional breeding methods to create the long-sought after vibrant, natural red alternative to carmine that meets consumers’ need for natural recognisable ingredients.

The new plant-based Hansen sweet potato concentrates offer superior process and shelf life stability in a multitude of food products.

Protein Innovation: ICL Food Specialties

ROVITARIS FBX 360 – a textured faba bean protein

Due to the increased demand for alternative meat proteins globally, manufacturers are looking for plant-based proteins that will offer sustainable functional and nutritional value in the meat alternative category.

ICL Food Specialties has developed ROVITARIS FBX 360, the first commercially available textured faba bean protein that offers meat-like texture and mouthfeel with great flavour.

It can be used in vegan, vegetarian and hybrid meat applications: nuggets, burgers, crumbles, emulsified systems eg sausages, hybrid meat systems and in canned soups and sauces.

Food Tech Award – Highly Commended: BRACE

Instant Microspheres – an evolution in the world of beverage

Designed to add functionality and quality to instant drinks, solving issues of lumping, clumping and resistant dissolving.

The solution: BRACE Microspheres, made with all natural coffee, tea, juices… “You see the perfect spheres, you smell the wonderful flavour or the carefully prepared particles, that fill your spoon perfectly. Enjoy your drink with all your senses!”

F&B Categories Award – Highly Commended: DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences

CHOOZIT BC – Enabling pizza makers to control browning and increase baking flexibility in oven conveyors

“Pizza cheese manufacturers face numerous challenges to meet the growing demand for pizza cheese – ranging from high productivity while delivering a constant quality cheese with low cost to make, to controlling specific properties like colour control during baking.

CHOOZIT Cultures are based on a new proprietary formulation designed to reduce pizza cheese browning that’s obtained without negative impact on other properties such as texture, proteolysis, flavour.

“The easy-to-use solution delivers increased shelf life, consistent pizza cheese quality and a clean label alternative to existing solutions.”

Future of Nutrition Award – Highly Commended: Nucaps Nanotechnology

Nanocapsules of food proteins

“We help manufacturers to produce better food and supplements, solving problems of absorption, degradation, solubility and unpleasant tastes of some healthy substances and microorganisms with our innovative nanocapsules, made solely of proteins, as natural carriers of any bioactive ingredient or probiotic into bloodstream.

“Our protein nanocapsules (GRAS Status – Clean Label) protect the bioactive substances from oxidation, degradation and gastrointestinal conditions increasing shelf life and bioavailability; the final product is an easy handling dry powder with stable suspension in any liquid or matrix, that can be compressed, filled in a sachet or a pill or incorporated in any food, drink or supplement (resisting cooking processes).

Source: Food ingredients Europe

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