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Some more innovation in the Libstar stable

The Libstar group has recently boasted an array of NPD in its diverse portfolio of brands despite the pandemic times – latest announced are from Cook n’ Bake and Goldcrest.

“The increased demand for healthier, authentic and multi-functional food products continues to skyrocket since lockdown – reminding people of their love for preparing meals and experimenting with new flavours and recipes,” says Johan Greeff, Chief Growth Officer at Libstar.

“We’re passionate about innovation across the Libstar family and meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers is what drives us.

“We’ve seen the consumer demand for authentic and versatile products, and our product development teams stepped up with their exciting new innovations in the baking and health product categories.”

Cook ‘n Bake has two new non-stick sprays for both home and food service chefs. Setting these non-stick sprays apart is the new Cook ‘n Bake Reduced Fat Mist-Free Spray formulation, which boasts a unique and first-to-market ‘non-cough’ formulation.

It is also trans-fat-free and lower in sodium, and only10 kJ per spray, for the more health-conscious.

The new Olive Oil Spray is perfect for cooking meat, fish and vegetables.

Cook ‘n Bake’s new flavoured sugars are also proving to be increasingly popular, inspiring people to create personalised dishes with unique flavours, comments Greef. “Imagine French Vanilla-sprinkled whipped cream or Salted Caramel popcorn! Decadent Cocoa on pancakes or in a smoothie… The possibilities presented by these four new flavoured sugars are endless.”

Goldcrest has also launched three new Coulis dessert toppings, pictured top. A thin sauce derived from puréed and strained fruits, “Coulis adds a zesty sparkle to many different dishes, from ice-creams and waffles to cakes, meringues and even smoothies and cocktails,” enthuses Greef.

“The flavour-packed Granadilla, Mixed Berry and Mango Coulis offers versatility limited only by the imagination. If you have never tried a Coulis before, experimenting with these delicious new products is the ideal way to try new taste sensations as we head towards the Festive Season.

“Quality and value for money are priority considerations for consumers during these tough economic times and we are confident that these exciting new products will inspire and delight our consumers,” concludes Greeff.

Source: Libstar

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