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Baking is a piece of cake with Lancewood’s new cheesecake mix

A yummy innovation from Lancewood – the dairy company in the Libstar stable… With convenience and taste in mind, it has launched ‘Piece o’ Cake, a ready-made cheesecake mix for an effortless, mouth-watering alternative to baking a traditional cheesecake. 

“Considering Lancewood’s strong association with baking cheesecakes and being the No 1 cream cheese brand in South Africa, it made complete sense that we make life just a little easier and sweeter, by bringing this innovative product to market.” says Lancewood marketing manager, Shereen Anderhold.

“Consumers continue to look for products that deliver on convenience without compromising on taste or quality, and this is one way in which we hope to meet that need.”

While there are fridge cheesecake ready mixes available, Lancewood Piece o’ Cake is the first of its kind in South Africa when it comes to whipping up a traditional baked cheesecake. It’s unique in that it requires no additional ingredients bar the biscuit crust, requires no specialised baking skills or equipment, everything is pre-prepared as the tagline states, ‘Simply whip, bake and enjoy!’. 

“Baking a cheesecake is a task that’s traditionally been intimidating for many, but Lancewood has made it so easy that everyone, including the kids, can whip up a delicious baked cheesecake with minimal effort required,” Anderhold explains.

“Baking is a chance to share delicious treats with the family, and although we’d like to, many of us just don’t have the time or inclination to bake from scratch – especially something which may be seen by some as complicated as a baked cheesecake. However, with this new product, it literally is a Piece o’ Cake. We believe that cheesecake shouldn’t only be for special occasions, so we’ve made it super simple for consumer to wow friends and family.” 

The all-in-one product comes already mixed and prepared in a convenient tub with eEasy on-pack baking instructions.

Landing in select retail stores in April 2021, the Lancewood Piece o’ Cake Cheesecake Mix is available in two delicious flavours – Plain (typical New York-style baked cheesecake) and Caramel, retailing at a recommended selling price of R99.99.


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