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Monitoring of sterilisation, pasteurisation and freeze-drying with unrivalled efficiency

The new testo 191 HACCP data logger system simplifies the monitoring and documentation of temperature and pressure in sterilisation, pasteurisation and freeze-drying processes.

In order to extend the shelf life of foods by sterilisation, pasteurisation or freeze drying, pressure and temperatures within these processes must be perfectly adjusted to each other – if not, the quality and safety of the foods are endangered.

As a rule, system solutions consisting of data loggers and software are used for measurement and documentation. However, until now these have often been complicated to handle and susceptible to wear. This is mainly because the batteries in the loggers can only be changed with a great deal of effort.

Up to ten minutes’ time needed per logger and the use of screwdrivers and lubricants tend to be the rule rather than the exception. Because of the sensitive components, each battery change increases the risk of humidity getting into the interior of the data logger and rendering it unusable.

Innovative, user-friendly software and a multifunction case

The new test system, certified according to HACCP International, comprises five robust data loggers for temperature and pressure, with batteries that can be changed quickly and securely.

The user-friendly software offers process-based, intuitive user guidance and a one-click report function, along with a multifunction case for readout, configuration and storage.

It dispenses with 400-page operating manuals and complicated menus in favour of guided processes and useful data visualisations. The one-click report enables readings to be documented quickly and intuitively, and above all without any repetitive, permanent reconfiguration of report parameters.

In addition, the system facilitates the work of quality supervisors in the food industry: the HACCP data loggers’ battery and the measuring technology are contained in two separate housings. The battery can be changed quickly and securely with a twisting motion – without tools, lubricants or the time-consuming replacement of O-rings.

The batteries are available in two sizes, which means the size of the loggers can be easily adjusted depending on the measuring task. In addition, the batteries are durable, while at the same time attractively priced.

The data loggers and software are complemented by a multifunction case in which the data loggers can be securely stored and where up to 8 data loggers can be simultaneously programmed and read out in parallel.

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