ZZ2 tomato boats

ZZ2’s fresh new take on tomato packaging

South Africa’s ZZ2, a world leader in tomato production, has come up with an innovative new way to package some of its many tomato variants.

With an annual crop of approximately 180 000 tons, ZZ2 produce tomatoes throughout the year in seven regions of South Africa, for the domestic market and for limited exports to Reunion, Seychelles, Dubai and Oman.

Mpact Corrugated Gauteng has partnered ZZ2 over the last two decades (even under the Kohler and Mondi umbrellas) to create cost-effective packaging that has helped the growth of the ZZ2 brand.

ZZ2 tomato boats 2

‘This machine-erected boat tray concept offers
improved brand recognition through stronger shelf
impact, and on-shelf differentiation. The pack has
improved efficiencies and delivered cost savings to
the tomato producer.’

Gold Pack Awards citation

Mpact Corrugated saw an opportunity to improve on the ubiquitous vacuum-formed PET and blown PS trays that offered limited branding opportunities and were sluggish to pack, and devised these new board boat trays.

Mpact partnered with Uroseal to develop a custom-made machine to erect the boat trays, achieving acceptable machine speeds and low waste.

ZZ2 further improved work flow by sourcing the best flow-wrap machine and ultra-clear, low-micron ventilated flow-wrap material to meet their specific needs.

The resultant boat trays – finalists in the 2015 Gold Pack Awards – are manufactured from E-flute board with coated outer linerboard, and varnished to enhance the print finish. On the inside, Mpact uses uncoated white-top kraftliner for improved food-grade cleanliness and ‘freshness’ appeal.

Source: PACKAGiNG & Print Media magazine, October 2015 issue