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World Dairy Innovation Awards 2014

The finalists and winners in the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2014, sponsored by Tetra Pak, were announced on 17 June 2014 at a special gala dinner during the 8th Global Dairy Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. One of the top winners features the first real commercialisation of WikiCells. The awards again reiterate just how innovative and exciting is the dairy sector.

The judging panel considered almost 160 entries from 30 countries in 17 categories.

“Innovation continues to be the key driver in the dairy industry,” said organiser, FoodBev Media’s Bill Bruce, “and that was evident in the wide range of new products and packaging ideas, use of new ingredients, great new marketing campaigns, brand extensions and a huge variety of nutrition and environmental projects that interact with consumers and the wider community.

“All this activity helps to make the dairy sector the most exciting food and beverage category. Every year, the World Dairy Innovation Awards helps us shine a spotlight on the sector, drawing attention to positive trends. This year was no exception and in fact we can see there’s a rise in new dairy entrepreneurs and a return to more consistent investment in innovation from the more established players.”

Best overall concept

The judging panel gave a special ‘Best overall concept’ award to Stonyfield and WikiFoods (US) for its Frozen Yogurt Pearls (pictured above), and it also won the ‘Best ice cream’ award – read more below.

See a video of all the product finalists and winners….click here!

See a video of all the packaging finalists and winners….click here!

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