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Way Better – inside Clover’s rebranding

Branded foods and beverages company, Clover, recently launched the “Way Better” campaign to communicate its new brand positioning statement to consumers. Fast-moving interviewed Clover’s Brands and Marketing Executive, Dr Chris Lerm, about the general intricacies of re-branding and the best steps an FMCG company should take to position a brand successfully.

1. The decision to re-position a brand can be an extremely costly and timely process. What are the key factors that influence this decision?

Chris Lerm: Any iconic brand (like Clover) can only survive if the brand promises and communication stays relevant and adapts to change. In Clover’s case, a change in our communication strategy really was necessary to reflect our changing company when we took the bold step to list on the JSE.

Clover's Chris Lerm2. What is the rationale behind re-positioning, especially for a well recognised brand like Clover?

Chris Lerm: When we reviewed Clover’s communication strategy against the listing background we had to ask tough questions like “Where was Clover as a whole? What did it represent? “The more questions we asked the more we realised that Clover’s previous position “it’s all you need” simply did not work hard enough for our brand. It was time for a new positioning that reflects the prosperous future Clover is carving out for itself.

3. In an environment where FMCG companies need to work continuously to satisfy consumers, what objectives must one set out to achieve, when deciding to re-position a brand?

Chris Lerm: You must take stock of your brand. We asked ourselves why most companies created over 100 years ago have disappeared. Why have only a few survived like Coco-Cola and Mercedes?

Fact is that these companies know their place in the world and what they are good at. They have been great at expressing it in new ways. They have a “way” which people buy in, over and over again. So we asked: “What is the Clover way? What are the key principles that have made us successful for over a century and will continue to make us successful the next 100 years?

We identified leadership, innovations and quality as these key principles. In order to remain a leader, our way forward should be driven by sustainable innovation, built on the foundation of superior quality.

We lead with regards to the category, market share, quality, ideas, staff, products and relationships. We maintain superior levels of quality by investing in better people, processes, operations and products.

With its 113-year history, Clover knows its place in the world market. It’s an iconic part of South African life. Clover’s relentless drive to be better at what it does has made it a trusted companion to consumers. But we have to earn that position every day – it’s not a right…..

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