Frozen Avo

UK: Tesco’s new frozen avocados tick several boxes

Too slow to ripen or too squidgy and brown inside, avocados often end up contributing to the UK’s food waste mountain. But retailer, Tesco, believes it has the answer to these avocado woes: frozen, de-stoned, peeled and ripe when they thaw out. And they’ve just hit the shelves.

Tesco claims this launch is the UK’s first-ever frozen avocado, and it aims to impress shoppers on both convenience and price.

The re-sealable sachet of de-stoned and peeled frozen avocado slices will retail for less than fresh wholehead avocados, Tesco said, selling for £2.50 for 500g (around nine halves).

They will initially be sold in around 280 stores across the UK. As well as reduced wastage,Tesco said the other reason for introducing frozen avocados is in response to the “massive trend” for juicing and smoothie making.

“Customers have told us that they often struggle with fresh avocados at home as they go off very quickly which can result in food waste,” said Tesco frozen produce buyer, Marianne Aitken.

“They can also be a bit messy to prepare so we’ve not only frozen, but also peeled and halved them so they’re ready to use in salads, smoothies or guacamole. And of course because they’re frozen from fresh all the nutrients are locked in through the freezing process,” she added.

The retailer said during the last year demand for bags of prepared frozen fruit slices jumped by 30 per cent across the market. At Tesco the most popular frozen fruit smoothie line is a mango and pineapple mix, which saw an increase of 140 per cent during the last year.

Other recent avocado innovations from Tesco include the Avozilla, which is roughly five times larger than regular varieties.