Heinz soup

UK: Sick friend? Heinz says, send a soup!

In the spirit of good old chicken soup, a new Heinz program allows UK customers to send a personalised can of soup to sick friends, via F-commerce.

Upon liking the Heinz soup Facebook page, users can choose between two classic flavours (Cream of Chicken and Cream of Tomato); then they create a custom “Get well” message, to be printed on the front of the can. Heinz sends the product directly to the recipient. The total price is £1.99 (roughly $3).

Soup is a classic comfort food, and this promotion not only reinforces that for Heinz but provides an outlet for giving (a comfort to the purchaser) and turns the can of soup into a way to express caring.

This works especially well for an iconic brand (Cream of Tomato soup was first imported to the UK in 1910), with Heinz’s heritage representing an additional source of comfort.

Source: JWT Intelligence