UK: Launch of first packaged cauli-rice

The unloved cauliflower is gaining a following among the swelling ranks of carb-avoiders, who convert it into guilt-free rice, mash, pizza… In fact, the first packaged product, Cauli-Rice, is about to hit UK shelves just as SA’s low carb best-seller, The Real Meal Revolution, is published in Britain [July 30].

Up until recently, I thought the only use for cauliflower was to slather it in a white sauce, top it with giant handfuls of cheddar cheese, and serve it alongside a roast rib of beef. But it turns out there is an entire population out there for which cauliflower is actually a virtuous food item, used as a substitute for just about every carb going.

If you take even the faintest interest in healthy eating, then you’ll already know about the rise of cauliflower rice, mash, couscous, pizza bases, and flour (cauliflour, if you will). Its versatility is quite a wonder; it seems there’s nothing that can’t be substituted with cauliflower.

But with the first packaged cauliflower rice about to hit our supermarkets, it’s becoming less of a dodgy diet fad and more of an acceptable fixture in kitchens across the country. Once something is in Tesco (where Cauli-Rice will be launching), it’s gone mainstream.

There are a number of reasons behind its vast popularity: whatever format the cauliflower comes in, be it rice or mash, it will be lower in calories than its original manifestation (25 cals per 100g compared with about 140 calories per 100g of cooked white rice); it will have fewer carbs; and it helps you reach your five a day. Nor will you feel like you’re missing out on bulk. Maybe the health nuts are on to something. Those well-known purveyors of guilt-free eating, the Hemsley sisters, often turn to cauliflower to reduce their carb load.

“Cauliflower is our go-to to replace high-starch potatoes or refined white rice. It’s become a fridge essential; we joke that it’s one of the only beige foods allowed in there,” says Melissa Hemsley.

“We grate it, mash it, roast it and use it as a pizza base for our flower-power pizza. This low-starch British veg is nutrient-dense and supremely versatile. A fluffy replacement for pilaf rice to go alongside our chicken curry, in place of bulgur wheat in our middle-Eastern inspired lamb meatballs with cauliflower tabbouleh, or made into a creamy mash as a wonderful side dish.”

Jamie Oliver is another convert. He’s been a fan of cauliflower rice since adopting a grain-free, Paleo diet in 2001 to deal with myriad health issues…..

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Cauli RiceGem Misa has raised more than £800,000 to bring Cauli-Rice to market

Cutting carbs is a popular way of losing weight, but for a lot of people there’s nothing more satisfying and filling than a mound of potatoes or a steaming bowl of pasta. Now entrepreneur Gem Misa thinks she’s developed an easy way to help people eat less stodge – without feeling like they’re not having a proper meal.

Cauliflower rice isn’t a totally new concept – Jamie Oliver’s a fan and there are dozens of recipes on the internet for turning the once-unfashionable vegetable into a healthier alternative to carbs. But Misa’s developed what appears to be the first packaged version of the product, which saves people the effort of faffing around with a head of cauli and a food processor.

She’s already raised more than £800,000 to bring it to market under the brand name Cauli-Rice…..

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