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Twitter-activated vending machine trades BOS tea for tweets

Cape Town’s BOS Iced Tea company has hit global beverage marketing headlines with a social media promotion, par excellance, using what appears to be the world’s first Twitter-activated vending machine. The machine is named BEV, and has been rewarding people at Cape Town’s Wembley Square mall who tweet the right hash tag with a sample of BOS Iced Tea.

The machine will be handing out free tea as part of a special promotion through the end of this week, June 22.

BEV’s display tells people what hash tag they need to tweet from their mobile device to get their complimentary refreshment. Users also to be sure that their Twitter app is able to access their location, however, because BEV checks it to make sure they’re actually nearby before handing over the goods.

BEV’s potential extends just beyond handing out samples and doing some basic social media marketing. The whirling, bleeping, buzzing ice tea-vending robot, made her debut appearance at the 2012 Design Indaba, where she spent her time refreshing and amusing delegates and the public by showing off these and some of her other features, including her cameras, microphone, trigger switches and sound-activated LEDs that add a dash of personality to this tweet-reading machine.

BOS’ digital agency, Cow Africa, worked closely with UK-based social media agency, RAAK, to realise the Twitter integration.

How it works

The sampling machine connects to the Twitter Streaming API and registers the configured hashtag as a filter. All tweets containing the hashtag on the entire Twitter network are then streamed to the sampling machine. It then checks every Tweet’s location settings and compares it with its own location boundaries, also configurable.

When a Tweet is found to be within the boundaries, a drink is dispensed and the machine deactivates itself for a configurable number of seconds. During this time, the screen name field of the Tweet is displayed on the LED display, alternated every 5 seconds by the amount of seconds left before the machine becomes active again.

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See BEV in action in Cape Town in the video below.