Tiger Brands issues product recall for banned colourants

Illegal colourants have again found their way into the SA food chain, with Tiger Brands announcing today that it is recalling some of its cooking sauces and rice products after tests found traces of banned methyl yellow and Sudan 1.

Africa’s largest food manufacturer had recalled 17 000 packs of its “Tastic Simply Delicious” line of instant rice and curry sauces, Naresh Singh, the managing executive of its rice and pasta business, said.

The recall affected seven of a 20-product range, or less than 1% of Tiger’s rice business, Singh said.

The company said it had found traces of the colourants methyl yellow and Sudan 1 in some of the products made between June and July of this year at a factory in India.

“These colourants can make food unsafe because of the possible toxicity and carcinogenic properties of such compounds,” the company said.

About Sudan 1

Sudan I (also commonly known as CI Solvent Yellow 14 and Solvent Orange R), is an organic compound, typically classified as an azo dye. It is an intensely orange-red solid that is added to colourise waxes, oils, petrol, solvents and polishes. Sudan I has also been adopted for colouring various foodstuffs, especially curry powder and chili powder, although the use of Sudan I in foods is now banned in many countries, because Sudan I, Sudan III, and Sudan IV have been classified as category 3 carcinogens (not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans)[1] by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.[2] Sudan I is still used in some orange-coloured smoke formulations and as a colouring for cotton refuse used in chemistry experiments.

About methyl yellow

Methyl yellow, or C.I. 11020, is a chemical compound which may be used as a pH indicator.

It is a possible carcinogen.[2] As “butter yellow”, the agent had been used as a food additive before its toxicity was recognized.[3] The result from consuming such chemicals is tumors on the liver.

Source: Wikipedia