Tiger Brand’s collaborative strategy brings exciting innovation

SA’s biggest food company, Tiger Brands, has leveraged brand collaborations, academic partnerships and new technology to cook up fresh product innovations to feed its consumers’ changing behaviour and needs, as well as help ease the burden of rising costs.  

The latest product innovations are part of a broader effort by the business to ramp up its R&D capability with a key focus on innovation across the board.

“Innovation is not simply new and exciting product development. It’s a package solution – connecting with our consumers more intimately and offering them products that bring real value and meaning to their lives,” says Sarvesh Seetaram, acting Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Tiger Brands.

“How do we improve on the make-up of a product, how do we leverage the knowledge and skills of others in the innovation and food sector and how do we break barriers through cross-brand collaboration. These allow us the opportunity to combine the best of two brand intrinsic attributes and maximise the offering to our customers.”

Brand collaborations have produced innovative cross-category products such as Beacon Black Cat Peanut Crunch bar and Purity Jungle Baby Oats.

Other new product innovations, which target the growing consumer trends of health and hutrition, snackification and value, include Energade Zero, Energade Boost, Vi-daylin vitamin gummies, Tastic Rice Chips & Rice Cakes, Albany Wraps, Jungle Crunchalot Fillows and Oros available in convenient 1-litre, 2.5-litre and 5-litre packs for added value to the consumer.  

The rapid rise in the cost of the average household food basket has prompted Tiger Brands to find ways of giving consumers more value and help ease some of the financial burden they experience.

Tiger Brands has also partnered with some of the country’s most prestigious academic institutions including Rhodes University, the University of Free State and the University of Pretoria, as well as Innovation and Research Centres and Science and Technology Associations, to extract the latest technology and advancements in product optimisation and innovation.

Some of the work undertaken with these institutions included shelf-life, ingredient and by-product optimisation.

“Partnering with institutions that are at the forefront of innovation technology has allowed us to develop ground-breaking formulations for some of our products and to explore new ideas in the innovation space,” says Seetaram.

Tiger Brands has made a commitment to further invest in its R&D pilot plants at some of its facilities across the country, as well as develop a world-class innovation centre at its corporate offices in Johannesburg, expected to be in operation in early 2023.

About the new innovations


Energade Zero: Energade is taking advantage of the growing “zero” category in South Africa appealing to the more health-conscious consumer looking for less sugar and a subtle taste. Energade Zero (500ml) offers innovative flavours never before used in the category including Strawberry and Cucumber.

Purity Jungle Baby Oats: The best of PURITY combined with specially milled Jungle Oats – milled, flaked and prepared to ensure the right texture for baby to swallow. It contains high-quality ingredients and baby-grade grains. It offers convenience with no cooking preparation required and is available in 250g and 500g pack sizes. Flavours include Original and Apple & Cinnamon

Vi-daylin Gummies: These chewable gummies offer a solution for parents looking for over the counter (OTC) medication that is value for money and includes immune support benefits, are convenient and easy to administer. Easy to chew and available in tasty fruit flavours, children are able to get their daily dosage of vitamins without fuss.


Oros 1-litre, 2.5-litre and 5-litre: South Africa’s number 1 tasting squash is available in more suitable and affordable packs. Orange, Pineapple and Tropical flavours make up more than 53% of the dilutable market.

Elizabeth Anne’s Fragrance-Free Value Pack: PURITY’s toiletry range provides gentle and effective care products to meet the needs of parents whose little ones have sensitive skin. PURITY Petroleum Jelly and Aqueous Cream is now available in a value sized 450ml pack size that is fragrance- free, providing gentle protection for your little one’s delicate skin.


Tastic Rice Chips & Cakes: Air-popped for a guilt-free, low calory, tasty healthy snack underpinned by the Tastic brand heritage.

Beacon Black Cat Peanut Crunch bar: Crunchy Black Cat Peanut Butter with a mix of caramel pieces, chopped peanuts, biscuits and rice crispies, all coated in milk chocolate.

Jungle Crunchalots Fillows: Launched as a delicious snack and cereal option for kids. These address all moms’ key concerns to give their children nutritional fuel, for it to be fun and that it is ready quickly. As a snack, Fillows offer moms a crunchy snack option that is not full of oil and salt.

Albany Wraps: Albany, SA’s number 1 bread brand, has extended into a new category with Albany Wraps. The range offers three flavours – White flour, Brown and Garlic & Herb). It is a quick and easy meal option for any time of day.

Source: Tiger Brands