The top three innovations from ISM 2024

The snacks and confectionery world gathered recently in Cologne for ISM 2024, the giant trade fair for the sector. Here news of the three products voted the ‘most innovative’ on the expo….

The top innovations were selected by an independent jury of experts from the industry, trade and science. The award ceremony and the announcement of the top innovations took place during the exclusive ISM Dinner in Cologne on Sunday, January 28.

The top 3 innovations of ISM 2024 include:

  1. Planet A Foods from Germany, with its more sustainable cocoa alternative “ChoViva”
  2. Gudrun Commercial with “UPPA Cacaofruit Bites” from Belgium 
  3. PEZ International with ‘PEZ MyHead’ from Austria 

Planet A Foods placed first, a cocoa alternative based on fermented oats and sunflower seeds, and emphasises its climate-friendliness and cost advantages.

Although ChoViva was originally offered as an independent chocolate bar brand, the company’s current and future focus lies in marketing it as an ingredient brand.

“ChoViva is not just one product – it’s a new compound ingredient, developed especially for use in the food industry. With ChoViva, we provide a yummy and easy-to-use alternative to chocolate, so that manufacturers can offer a more climate-friendly version of their products and innovations,” states its website.

Max Marquart, co-founder and CEO of Planet A Foods, details in this video how companies like Lindt, Rewe and Lufthansa have adopted the chocolate-like ingredient, ultimately saving on cost and carbon emissions.  

The company has rapidly scaled up production and industry collaborations since Q1 of 2023 when it closed $15-million in Series A funding. See the video interview here….

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Second place went to UPPA Cacaofruit Bites by Gudrun Commercial from Belgium, which stood out above all because of their excellent quality and the fruit pulp used.

“Upcycled” Cacaofruit Bites, where the fruit pulp is recycled, ensure around a 30% saving in the material used compared to previously.

This sustainable approach is part of an industry trend that involves companies developing environmentally-friendly products to offer farmers additional sources of income.

Read more abut UPPA here….

PEZ myHead from Austria claimed third place this year with its strong alignment with the notable confectionery trend of personalisation.

PEZ dispensers – for the small, sour sherbet sweets well-known from the 1950’s – were unveiled at ISM as Pez myHead.

Users are invited to download an app, which allows them to take a photo and transform it into a Pez dispenser design. A more premium version connects to a 3D artist, who can help users perfect their “head.”

From there, consumers are able to select the colour of the base and order the collectible item as a physical object.

“With PEZ MyHEAD, we’re offering a fantastic new product for anyone who loves innovative ideas,” says Hans Bangelmeier, MD of PEZ. “Until now, only famous faces from films, comics and games got the chance to feature on a PEZ dispenser. Now, anyone can. That makes an extremely personal, highly original gift for someone you care about.”

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View the ISM New Product Showcase

The New Product Showcase has been the central platform for the industry’s new products since 2009 and is an appealing attraction for all visitors at ISM.

A high-quality special exhibition on the Central Boulevard of the show gives the visitors the targeted opportunity to inform themselves about the innovations of the sweets and snacks industry.

Comprising of 100 display windows and over 122 products of more than 83 exhibitors from 21 nations, the New Product Showcase once again offers an overview of products that will shape the future of the industry.

You can view these products online here….click the graphic below

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