The secrets within – how the potato is reshaping the food industry

Have you ever stopped to consider the huge role the potato plays in the global food industry? 

This humble root vegetable, native to the Americas, has become a staple around the world. It is at the centre of the food industry and at the heart of many of our diets.

But what is really interesting, is that over time the potato has revealed even more of its secrets and is emerging as a perfect source of many ingredients. We are not just talking about starches, but protein and fibre too.

In an age where the desire for plant-based, clean-label products is rising, the potato is becoming ever more useful.

This episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, made in partnership with major international Dutch potato player, Royal Avebe, explores the potato’s centuries-long journey from exotic foodstuff, to being one of the world’s largest food crops.

And it asks two big questions: What can the potato offer in today’s cutting edge food industry? And what secrets are still inside the potato, waiting to be discovered?

Royal Avebe experts, Goos Wierbos and Annelies Huisingh, join host and BBC presenter Stefan Gates to tackle two burning questions:

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