The nutrient dense kiwiberry makes its SA debut

UK-based berry group, Berry World, has announced it’s supplying Woolworths with an exciting new fruit entrant, kiwiberries, on a limited edition basis.

Kiwiberries look very much like the original kiwi fruit, however, they are a fraction of the size and unlike their larger cousin, the berry version does not have furry skin, which means you can eat them whole – no fuzz, no fuss!

They’re about the size of a grape and look very similar to a gooseberry, but are much sweeter.

Growing awareness of the kiwiberry’s impressive nutritional health benefits is creating increased demand – they are low in calories and contain over 20 essential nutrients and a range of vitamins, meaning the kiwiberry comes near the top of fruits classed as superfoods.

Currently the kiwiberry is commercially cultivated in several countries including the US, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, China and most European countries, eg., France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Germany.

Woolies’ is currently selling them for R45 for 150g punnet.

Read more about them here: The Nutritional and Health Benefits of Kiwiberry (Actinidia arguta) – a Review; Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 2017; 72(4): 325–334. Published online 2017 Oct 7. doi: 10.1007/s11130-017-0637-y