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The Most Innovative Food Companies for 2016

Fast Company, the trend-setting/following magazine has published its annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. As usual, there are several food players among them.

It notes that, in hunting down its top 50 candidates, it didn’t begin with macroeconomic parameters. Instead the “reporting team dug into details on thousands of companies around the globe. Our axiom has always been that whatever challenges may be buffeting business—political uncertainty, market instability, international unrest—there are always pockets of extraordinary achievement. That is what we were looking to uncover.”

Here are Fast Company’s 2016 laureates in the Food Sector:

  • Taco Bell

    For operating like a tech company

  • Domino’s

    For pushing pizzas with high tech

  • McDonald’s

    For changing the conversation with a bold rebrand

  • Gousto

    For delivering measured meals to the kitchen-challenged

  • Sweetgreen

    For crafting food (and festivals) that make healthy eating look cool

  • The Kitchen

    For bringing a new definition of “local” to restaurants

  • Coravin

    For sticking it to the wine cork

  • Reserve

    For making diners feel like VIPs

  • Agrilyst

    For being the plant whisperer

  • Impossible Foods

    For creating plant-based food for carnivores

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