The count-down starts to the 20th annual SAAFFI seminar!

It’s nearly time for the flavour & fragrance industries to gather for the 2022 annual SAAFFI seminar. This year the theme is “Virtual is a reality – are we pushing sensory boundaries?”

This aims to highlight the initiatives in the flavour, fragrance and related sectors that are influencing thought and practice in the areas of virtual reality and the internet of things.

This challenge is a profound one for the flavour & fragrance industry, which is solidly grounded in and dependent on the senses of smell, taste and touch! How do we cater for these senses in a world of virtual reality?

The virtual seminar which will be held over two mornings – Tuesday, 15 March and Wednesday, 16 March – offers a programme packed with exciting offerings.

Sharon Bolel, assistant executive director of SAAFFI, comments: “The online conferencing package we are using is a sophisticated platform that more-than replicates a live convention. We are excited at the prospect of using ground-breaking technology to welcome our delegates to an exciting world of online events!

“The amazing organising committee has been creative in putting together a programme which incorporates world-class speakers, an interactive workshop (for which the SAAFFI seminar has become renowned!) and a brilliant set-up to facilitate networking and meetings.”

Online expo

This year there is an additional component – an online EXPO. The Covid-19 pandemic has negated the opportunity to visit and exhibit at live exhibitions over the last two years.

“The SAAFFI Seminar and Expo 2022, offers a unique chance to purchase a virtual booth, where organisations can display their wares and services, screen videos and arrange meeting with visitors to their booths – replicating the real-live expo experience,” adds Bolel.

International and local speakers will address topics including flavour trends, fragrance trends, the psychology of the virtual workspace, and the effects of the virtual age on advertising.

Flavour and fragrance trends presentations are always a highlight of the SAAFFI event and this year the topic will be presented with the interesting additional angle of the changed consumer behaviours due to the pandemic.

The SAAFFI 20th annual seminar is an industry event that offers much for many. “Those who attend are sure to take away added skills, useful information, and a solid dose of career-oriented motivation. An event not to be missed by any serious professional! There is even the promise of a jam-packed goody bag for the first 200 registered delegates!” says Bolel.

SAAFFI, the South African Association of the Flavour & Fragrance Industry, represents all aspects of the flavour, fragrance and allied industries. It unites the industry across non-competitive issues, freeing up individual organisations to grow their business.

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