Tetra Pak celebrates World School Milk Day after 64 million children receive milk in 2013

Tetra Pak is celebrating World School Milk Day, established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations on the last Wednesday in September in 2000, with the successful delivery of milk and other nutritious drinks to more than 64 million children in schools in 2013.

Together with its partners, Tetra Pak has contributed 32,5 million packs of milk products to School Milk programmes across Southern and East Africa thus far in 2014 with a further 8 million packs in West African Senegal through the company’s Food for Development Office (FfDO).

“For 50 years we have been involved in school milk and school feeding programmes around the world,” says Penny Ntuli, communications director for Tetra Pak sub-Sahara Africa. “FfDO works in close partnership with governments, development agencies, NGOs, local dairies and farmers.”

In South Africa’s Eastern Cape province Tetra Pak has partnered with a customer where 22 million packs were distributed by the end of 2013 and more than 15 million have already been distributed so far this year.

2,6 million packs have thus far been distributed in 2014 in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Mombasa County School Milk, in Kenya, is a new programme launched in September, 2014, with 2 000 children benefitting from 144 000 packs of milk at the outset. The project goal, which has government support, is to feed 30 000 children by supplying 4 million packs per annum.

Kenya is the most prolific producer of milk on the continent at around 5 billion litres per annum compared with 2,7 billion litres per annum for South Africa with other African countries each producing fewer than 2 billion litres per annum.