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Talk Shop: Building consumer trust in the vegan and vegetarian markets

Interested in SA’s vegetarian and vegan trends and labelling regulations? Then join this SGS-hosted, free-to-join webinar with local experts – diarise 23 November!

Increasing consumer awareness of health, animal welfare and environmental issues has driven the rapid growth in the consumption of vegan and vegetarian foods – a trend that is expected to continue, and even accelerate.

Recent research predicts that the global plant-based vegan market will grow to $4.2-billion by the end of 2021, achieving a growth of 17% in only one year. 

Join experts Donovan Will and Gulam Mather from ProVeg, as well as Donna Brown Crockart from SGS, for insights into current trends, as well as regulations and legislation on vegan/vegetarian food labelling in South Africa.

SGS will also share consumer survey data on the status of demand for plant-based and vegan products. 

The event will also highlight the SGS and V-Label partnership that aims to build consumer trust in the vegan and vegetarian markets. V-Label is a trusted and internationally-recognised mark for vegan and vegetarian quality, while SGS is the world’s leading food certification body, boasting the largest geographical auditor footprint.

This fusion of strengths provides a transparent stamp of quality for vegan and vegetarian consumers globally.


Donovan WillProVeg

Before ProVeg, Donovan was the brand manager at The Fry Family Food Co (Fry’s), a director at the SA Vegan Society, and part of the Vegilicious Cape Town team. He has a passion for connecting key stakeholders and demonstrating how healthy, delicious and ethical food choices can also lead to greater food security, improved equality and more efficient use of resources. Sometimes it seems that the main reason he joined ProVeg is that he gets to eat a lot of Fry’s Nuggets and Beyond Meat Burgers.

Gulam Mather ProVeg

Gulam is the newest member of the ProVeg South Africa team. For the past 30 years, he has held senior positions in the media, finance and tech spaces and now works as ProVeg’s corporate engagement & fundraising manager, and administrator of V-label. A vegan for four decades, he can attest to the significant shift and increase in consumer awareness and demand for more ethical and sustainable products and is excited to bring his corporate experience to help develop, promote and regulate the growing plant-based sector in SA.

Donna Brown Crockart SGS

Donna Brown Crockart was appointed business manager for SGS Agriculture, Food and Life in South Africa in July 2018.

Prior to joining SGS, Donna held various senior management roles, including the position of General Manager, Food Services and Business Assurance covering sub-Sahara Africa for Intertek. She has a proven track record of business development in the food safety sector, including the founding of a leading South African food safety auditing company, Food Safety Assessment (FSA), and the specialist information website, The Food Safety Network. Her business was acquired by Intertek in 2013.

Donna is a Certified Natural Scientist (SACNASP) and was a lead auditor under the Southern African Auditor & Training Certification Authority (SAATCA), having previously held board positions for the organisation. 

Donna holds a National Diploma in Food Technology, a Business Management Diploma from Varsity College, and is trained in several food safety management system standards, lead auditing, food law, corporate social responsibility, and quality management systems.

Prior to her auditing and training business, she gained a broad level experience in food processing, food testing, retail and distribution sectors. She was promoted in her various roles to eventually be appointed the National Technical Manager for Corporate Brands Pick n Pay Retailers.

This Talk Shop is sponsored by SGS.

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