Huletts' sugar new pack

Sweet revamp for Huletts’ sugar packs

HULETTS SUGAR has introduced a refreshed and modernised look for its white and brown sugar packs (250g to 12.5kg) to create greater on-shelf appeal for this legacy brand.

According to senior brand manager, Zethu Sithole, a prime consideration of the modernisation project was to retain the brand’s recognisable iconography, while underscoring its 128-year heritage of growing, farming, milling, refining and selling fine quality sugar products.

This aspect has been elevated through a partnership with Proudly South Africa and the use of its logo.

‘There are many sugar imports, but as a truly South African company that invests and grows locally, we believe and demonstrate that local is best,’ Zethu notes.

‘We also wanted to make the “Huletts Wave” a critical element of the pack, easily recognisable on the shelf, even from a distance,’ she adds.

‘This was achieved by Berge Farrell Design, using patterns that represent the brand’s value chain, including contoured sugar cane fields, the mills, sugar cubes, tea bags, teacups and the heritage-building Huletts icon, that is elevated and aligned to our flagship company, Tongaat Hulett,’ Zethu explains.

When the marketing team presented five pack designs to 500 consumers, representing all demographic groups, participants unanimously chose this one.

‘They particularly liked its boldness and the fact that it looked South African, conveying the product’s proud local heritage,’ Zethu stresses.

Two other aspects included in the consumer research were the change of the tagline to ‘A little Huletts sweetness goes a long way’, and the core ‘H’ iconography given more prominence through the use of a bolder red.

‘Owing to the national lockdown regulations in March, which required social distancing, we adopted an online proofing and approval method,’ she comments.

‘Our packaging suppliers have done a magnificent job in ensuring safe working routines while running trials, proofing and finalising the finished product.’

The Durban plant began flexographically printing the new six-colour white and brown sugar pack designs in April, for retail and wholesale distribution in mid to late May.

Other product category pack designs will be updated in due course.

Source: PPM Magazine, May 2020 issue