Strong demand sees First Choice launch UHT whipping cream

First Choice UHT Whipping Cream (WC) will soon be rolling down the conveyors at one of the largest dairy manufacturers in South Africa, Woodlands Dairy – a launch aimed at filling the growing demand for airy cream both locally and internationally.

Marketing executive for Woodlands Dairy and First Choice, Marisa Maccaferri, says: “Although First Choice already has a UHT cream on the market, we’ve seen a growing demand for whipping cream. They satisfy two different needs.

“WC is used predominantly as a topping for cakes, desserts, pies, milkshakes, waffles, warm drinks and fridge cakes. Many consumers turned to baking and started little home industries during lockdown, and this trend is not waning.”

Newly appointed brand manager, Judith Molapo, is excited that the product will be launched later this year: “It’ll be on shelf just in time for Christmas, when we all tend to do a lot of entertaining. Since the pandemic, home remains our sanctuary and cooking, particularly baking, has become a way to be creative and to occupy one’s time and that of the family.

“Research has shown that consumers who love baking, whether it’s mom and her kids or a professional baker, need a cream that whips. Our WC does just that,” she says.

UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) cream has grown in popularity as it has a longer shelf life than regular fresh cream. “The extended shelf life means it can be stored for those unforeseen visits where one needs to create something fast and fabulous to impress your guests,” Molapo adds.

“Our new whipping cream delivers a creamy texture and delicious full cream taste. It’s ideal for a wide variety of sweet dishes as it remains firms and stable.”

Clever food science

Molapo explains that its recipe has been crafted and perfected over a long period of time, specifically to create the desired stability and aeration properties when the product is whipped.

This is achieved via a formulation of hydrocolloids which assists in the control of syneresis, the prevention of shrinkage and creating a firm foam structure and foam stability of the whipped cream, with an improved body and mouthfeel of the product.

The cream is also of an exceptional quality, from milk sourced from SA farmers, and cows that are predominantly pasture fed.

First Choice Whipping Cream is made from real dairy cream, contains no preservatives and can be stored unopened for up to nine months. It will be available in 250ml single packs (RSP R28, 99) and 1lt packs (RSP R96, 99). Available at leading retailers as well as online at

Source: Woodlands Dairy