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Sheets: the new way to do energy

A new energy category has emerged, along with piles of celebrity-endorsed fanfare, in the US: Sheets Energy Strips – novel dissolvable strips delivering an instant hit of caffeine and B vitamins. The entrepreneur behind the product believes the category could be worth $1bn in the next three-to-five years.

Launched in June, the sheets are cheaper than energy shots, and more convenient than coffee and vitamin tablets, Warren Struhl, chief executive of brand owner PureBrands, told FoodNavigator-USA.

“We think we’re looking at a billion dollar-plus opportunity in the next three to five years. At the moment, strips are synonymous with Listerine, but we hope to change all that and introduce a whole range of new products starting next year using the sheet as a delivery mechanism.

“We’re not just looking at the US, and have signed agreements in several countries outside the US and are actively negotiating with distributors in many more,” added Struhl, a serial entrepreneur who has launched or invested in more than 30 companies.

PureBrands, he said, had worked hard to tackle taste issues that had hampered some previous launches, while the energy focus also gave the strips a different slant.

“These are a fraction of the price of energy shots and we’re giving 200% of your daily value of vitamin B6 and B12, 100% of vitamin B5, 40% of vitamin E, 20% of biotin and 100mg of caffeine per serving [two sheets].”

The format was key to its prospects, he believes: portability, convenience, no spill or melt, no calories, carbohydrates or sugar.

The target audience is broad, too, encompassing everyone from college students and young drinkers of coffee and Red Bull to truck drivers looking for a boost without having to take a pit stop.

The strips are available in two flavours: Cinnamon Rush and Berry Blast. Each sheet comes individually wrapped in a paper-thin pouch and contains 50 milligrams of caffeine.

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