SA’s entrants to 2014 IUFoST Global Food Industry Awards

The 17th World Congress of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST 2014) takes place in Montreal, Canada from August 17th – 21st, 2014. A popular aspect of the event is the Global Food Industry Awards, that recognise exceptional products, packaging and communication campaigns. These are the South African entries, as selected by a SAAFoST panel.

Only four nominations per category are permitted from each country, but SAAFoST’s strict criteria only could allow for the following entrants:

Category 1 – Product and or process innovation including industrialisation of traditional foods

SupaShape-Flavour-Infusions1) Zero Calorie, Flavour infusions – by Supashape
A highly concentrated, zero calorie cordial in a pack of three flavours (apple, orange, red berry), each in a 45ml squeeze bottle, conveniently sized for pocket or handbag. A squeeze or two into a bottle or glass of water facilitates easy water drinking and hydration. See http://www.supashape.co.za/men/index.php/flavourinfusions

2) Illovo Peanut Butter and Syrup Spread – by Illovo SugarIllovo-Peanut-Butter-Syrup
Illovo has added peanut butter and soya to the syrup to produce a tasty, easy-to-use without butter/marge spread for children, with a protein content of 12,3% and a fat content of 25% (17,5% unsaturated). Neither fat nor protein were previously present in the syrup alone.

A peanut butter and jam blend has been available for years but blending with syrup appears to be a world first.

Royco-Low-Fat-Sauces3) Royco Low-Fat, Dry Powder Sauce Range – by Mars Africa
The company changed its sauce powder formulation by reducing the fat and salt content to become the first dry sauce manufacturer to receive the endorsement of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa.

Category 2 – Package Innovation, with specifics on the innovative part of the packaging and why it’s important

PackWorld Pouch1) Packaging World’s five-litre, stand-up pouch:  This replaces bag in-box-packs, has an easy/quick-pouring spout and an ergonomically-angled handle for pouring and portability, has cost saving, transport and shelf-appeal benefits. It is suitable for juices, sauces, wines, water and other liquids.

2) New Royco powder soup packaging: This boasts a 25% reduced footprint, has an improved oxygen barrier, has a very good tactile “feel”, is easier to open and is suitable for very high quality print – all in addition to a material cost reduction of 10%.

Category 3 – Communicating science-related knowledge to consumers aimed at improving lifestyles, includes marketing campaigns

1) The Flora 21-day cholesterol lowering challenge: Unilever’s Flora (Pro-Active) promotion team moved in to a small town of 2 000 residents in Jan 2014, measured their cholesterol, and put 164 of the highest-risk citizen volunteers on a 21-day cholesterol-lowering challenge programme which included exercise and changes in diet. The campaign was able to demonstrate a cholesterol reduction in 96% of the participants with an average reduction of about 24%.

2) The www.MySpecialK.co.za web-based, weight management program: Provides weight management advice and tools based on generally-accepted scientific evidence with the guidance of independent experts, all of whom are suitably qualified health professionals, to assist and encourage individuals in losing weight and improving their health.

3) Pro Nutro Hip 2B Square: A campaign to promote maths and science amongst scholars, using the motto, “think what you can be” and suggesting that, “you can be whatever you want to be with the help of science and maths”.

The cereal pack, with puzzles, brain teasers and definitions links to a website (www.hip2b2.com), that promotes science and mathematics and an interest in a career in science and technology – food science gets a mention on the pack!

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