Dalewood Fromage Huguenot

SA’s 2016 dairy champion!

For the second time in four years, Dalewood Fromage’s signature cheese, the 12-month matured, uniquely South African Huguenot, has done it again, and was recently crowned South Africa’s Dairy Product of the Year for 2016.

This brushed rind cheese, with its complex nutty flavour and firm texture, received top honours at the SA Dairy Championships in late April.

A remarkable achievement, not only to do it again after its first victory in 2013 (with the six-month-matured variant winning), but the Huguenot put no less than 885 other dairy products in the shade during this year’s Championships.

Dalewood Fromage received two Qualité Awards at the Championships; one each for their 6 and 12 months matured Huguenot cheeses.The Qualité Award is the mark of excellence for dairy products in South Africa and Dalewood Fromage has now received ten Qualités since it first entered the competition in 2001.

The Huguenot is also the only South African Cheese to have won Super Gold medals at the World Cheese Awards – twice in 2010 and 2014.

Dalewood farm is situated on the beautiful Franschhoek-Simondium Road in the heart of the Cape Winelands. Dalewood Fromage’s cheesemaking methods were formulated by owner, Rob Visser, who studied Dairy Technology and spent time in France sniffing out traditional cheesemaking secrets. After years of experimenting, he still remains true to his goal to make artisanal cheeses.

The cheeses of Dalewood Fromage are made on the farm from the milk of Dalewood’s stud Jersey herd. These gorgeous, fawn-coloured cows spend each day on eco-friendly green pastures, precisely managed with no artificial fertilizers, insecticides or weed killers. No wonder that the range of specialty cheeses just tastes different!

The Dalewood Fromage cheese range also includes Brie, Camembert, Blueand washed rind cheese in different styles, shapes and sizes.

The award-winning Huguenot is unique to Dalewood Fromage, and South Africa, and is delicious in recipes which call for mature cheese or on any cheese board. The one-year old cheese is extremely limited, but more stock is available of the six-months-matured Huguenot.

A visit to the Cheese Shop on the farm is a must for any cheese-lover’s list of things to do in the Cape Winelands. The cheeses can also be found in speciality cheese shops and on the menus of top hotels and restaurants in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the Garden Route.

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Qualité Winners of 2016

The distinctive Qualité mark, which appears on the packaging of qualifying products, is the consumer’s guarantee that it is of outstanding quality. These products are monitored on a quarterly basis to ensure that the level of quality is maintained, and thereby strengthening the trust in the mark. Such a product may carry the label until June of the ensuing year.

1 Parmalat SA Woolworths Unsalted Butter
2 Parmalat SA Woolworths Soft Scoop Vanilla and Berry Ice Cream
3 Parmalat SA Round Gouda
4 Parmalat SA Woolworths Matured Gouda – 12 months
5 Parmalat SA Woolworths Gouda 24 Months matured
6 Fairview Cheese Company Woolworths De Leeuwen
7 Fairview Cheese Company Chevin
8 Fairview Cheese Company Woolworths Crottin
9 Fairview Cheese Company Woolworths Botham’s Cremezola Blue
10 Dairy Exchange Low Fat Plain Yoghurt
11 Dairy Exchange Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt-Fruit Salad
12 Dairy Exchange Low Fat Flavoured Yoghurt Black Cherry
13 Fair Cape Dairies Woolworths Quarter Mousse
14 Fair Cape Dairies Chocolate Mousse
15 Dalewood Fromage Huguenot 12 months matured
16 Dalewood Fromage Huguenot 6 months matured
17 Roe-Mhy Goat Dairy Goatsmilk Butter
18 Woodlands Dairy Spar Salted Butter Spread
19 Lancewood Halloumi
20 La Montanara Halloumi
21 Meze Foods Halloumi
22 Rhodes Food Group Woolworths Fior Di Latte Mozzarella with Olives & Thyme
23 Belnori Boutique Cheesery Benidictus

2016 SA Dairy Champions

The SA Champions are the winners in each of the 95 classes in the eight categories, namely cheese, butter, yoghurt, dairy dessert, cottage cheese, ice cream, cultured and flavoured milk and dairy dips.

Click here for a pdf of all the winners