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Rosemary extracts given the EU nod

Rosemary extracts were adopted into European Union legislation at the end of 2010, allowing food companies in the region to use the label, ‘antioxidant: rosemary extract’.

The directives are 2010/67/EU and 2010/69/EU, which establish the purity criteria and scope of use of antioxidant rosemary extracts respectively, thus positioning rosemary extracts in the market as a safe, effective and natural alternative to synthetic antioxidants.

According to Sharon Bolel of Sharon Bolel Chemical Marketing, the sole distributor of Naturex products in South Africa, this augurs well for food companies globally as it is likely to lead to further acceptance and help to meet ever-increasing consumer demand for natural food products. She adds that this regulatory update could drive the rosemary extract market to new heights and expand product development opportunities.

Naturex, a leading producer of antioxidant rosemary extracts that are widely in food preservation applications, initiated the registration process of rosemary extracts as EU-approved food antioxidants in 1996 and has welcomed this move, stating that it will position rosemary extracts in the market as a safe, effective and natural alternative to synthetic antioxidants. One of Naturex’s leading products in this sector is StabilEnhance OSR, a rosemary plant extract that is especially effective in the preservation of products with a high fat content, or which are particularly susceptible to fat oxidation.

Naturex has invested heavily in toxicological studies and supported the whole procedure in collaboration with other producers in the European Rosemary Extracts Manufacturers Group (EREMG). The four methods of production of rosemary extracts listed in Directive 2010/67/EU, as well as the purity criteria, are based on the processes developed and used by the members of the group.

“As the market leader, Naturex has the required expertise and means to help the food industry to best benefit from the new opportunities offered by this regulatory update; a service that extends to South Africa through SBCM’s service offerings,” notes Bolel.

Sharon Bolel Chemical Marketing:

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