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Rhodes Honey

Rhodes launches honey

Rhodes, the innovative canned food brand, recently introduced honey as an extension to its spreads portfolio.

Rhodes’ Honey (340g), available at retailers countrywide, is a blend of high-quality imported honey from reputable and accredited international suppliers, as well as carefully selected local honey from a number of South African bee-keepers.

According to Richard Phillips, commercial cirector for Rhodes Food Group, the goal was to produce a product of consistently high quality that is great-tasting, visually appealing, convenient to use and competitively priced.

“Innovation is at the forefront of Rhodes’ value proposition of making life easier for consumers. This is why we designed a pack that is easy to use and enables consumers to enjoy every last drop of honey.”

After consumer research, Rhodes decided to move away from the conventional beehive look and opted instead for a modern curvy design that comfortably fits into consumers’ hands, making it easy to squeeze. The ‘no mess’ cap stops the flow of the honey to prevent any spillage.

Rhodes’ research also revealed that consumers generally store honey upside down, so a decision was taken to create a pack with a large oval-shaped cap and a wide base, enabling the bottle to stand either way up.

“The pack is made from high-clarity Polypropolene (PP), rather than PET, enabling consumers to safely microwave the bottle in the event of crystallization over the cold winter months. PP is microwavable, recyclable and offers great squeezability. The white tamper proofed cap also stands out on shelf and compliments the label design.” said Phillips.

Rhodes’ new Choice Grade Honey is Halaal and Kosher certified, and is available at major retailers countrywide at a recommended retail selling price of R32.99.

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