Checkers 60 delivery service

Prescient innovation from Checkers’ grocery delivery

Late November last year, Checkers, with some unplanned forethought in light of today’s circumstances, launched a new on-demand grocery delivery service that promises to deliver online purchases within 60 minutes.

The Sixty60 app – which is still in a test phase – features over 5,000 products including a variety of beers, wines and spirits from Checkers LiquorShop.

The group said it has grouped products together to make the shopping experience faster, with the the app featuring curated ‘shopping missions’.

The retailer said that users can elect to accept delivery within 60 minutes, or alternatively at a time that best suits them.

It added that users can pay using a credit or chip-enabled debit card and shoppers can track their order throughout delivery with real-time GPS tracking.

Delivery restrictions

With the app still in a testing phase, the service is currently limited to parts of Johannesburg and Cape Town.

At the time of launch, these included in Jo’burg: Alexandra, Sandton, Illovo, Morningside, Bryanston, Ferndale, and Houghton Estate.

Western Cape availability included stores in Durbanville, Willowbridge, Okavango Crossing, Rondebosch, Kloof Street, and Sea Point.

Products on the Sixty60 app retail at the same prices found in Checkers stores. Delivery is free for the time being during the pilot period.

Checkers said it is constantly expanding this service and customers have the option to add their address so that the retailer can notify them when the service is available in their area.

What says SA’s innovation maestro, Jonathan Cherry?

He writes today: “Beauty therapists, event organisers, bars and restaurants and other industries that rely heavily on the close physical orientation of their customers will understandably be facing a lot of uncertainty during this difficult time, but for other industries the conditions may be just right to ignite a massive growth surge.

“Up until now, the growth of e-commerce in South Africa has frankly been pedestrian. In so many ways it has failed to be the market-creating innovation that it has been in other parts of the world.

“Online purchases only make up about 2% of all retail sales in South Africa, in large part due to South Africa’s entrenched ‘mall culture’.

“As a result, the big South African retailers have focused their capital expenditure on opening more and more brick-and-mortar stores than investing heavily on expensive online portals.

“But now with the plunging costs of digital access and digital asset development – as well as the demand for increased levels of ‘social isolating’, because of the coronavirus outbreak; could this emergency be the big catalyst needed to finally really boost the utility value of e-commerce in South Africa?

“Services like Uber Eats and Mr D were already exploding, but with over two million downloads and more than 700,000 monthly active users – Mr Delivery especially is sure to see an incredible surge in demand for its services.

“The timing of the launch of Checkers’ Sixty60 service couldn’t have been better and I would assume that services like UCook, Faithful to Nature, Yuppiechef, Takealot etc etc. would also see a significant uptick in demand…. READ MORE HERE ON WWW.CHERRYFLAVA.COM