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Peppadew Atchar

Peppadew launches atchar range

Indian food, one of South Africa’s most influential cuisines, introduced South African palates to the sweet and spicy delights of pickles and atchars. That’s why Peppadew, active in the upmarket pickle category, has launched a range of atchars hot on the heels of its successful introduction of pickled jalapenos and pickled onions and pasta sauces.

“We’re a nation big on flavour,” says Peppadew brand manager, Laurian Ovens, “and atchars – versatile and firm favourites in South African kitchens and an intrinsic part of South Africa’s culinary history – were a natural extension of the Peppadew product range.We are confident that our Atchar range will tick all the boxes by adding a refreshing sharpness to every dish they accompany whilst adding exotic new flavour dimensions.”

She says these points make the Peppadew atchar difference:

  1. The Peppadew mango atchar is pip free and only non-fibrous mangoes are used. They provide a far better texture and are easier to eat.
  2. A good atchar requires a true lactic acid fermentation process to produce its unique taste experience. All Peppadew Atchars are packed in lined, well-sealed drums to prevent any exposure to air making sure that true lactic acid fermentation takes place. (Lactic acid is beneficial to digestion when consumed along with fermented vegetables).
  3. As a result of the strict monitoring during the controlled fermentation process, the colours of the Peppadew Atchars are very stable (ie olive green mango skin with cream coloured flesh packed in bright red oil). This is something quite unique in the atchar category where colours often vary from grey to green; a clear indication that the fermentation was not controlled.
  4. Raw material is procured from GlobalGap farmers only.
  5. Peppadew Atchars have less oil than competitors at 70g per 400g
  6. The Peppadew Atchar range is fully pasteurised.
  7. The sodium content of the Peppadew Atchar range is lower than the norm at 1110mg/100g
  8. The Peppadew Mango Atchar offers a unique flavour offering with the addition of piquanté peppers

The Peppadew Atchar range consists of four variants:

  • Peppadew Mild Vegetable Atchar with Piquanté Peppers
  • Peppadew Hot Atchar with Piquanté Peppers
  • Peppadew Mild Mango Atchar with Piquanté Peppers
  • Peppadew Hot Mango Atchar with Piquanté Peppers

Available only at Checkers and Spar Gauteng currently at an RSP of R22.99.

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