Wilde 100%

Pacmar launches Wilde 100% fruit juice

Wellington-based Pacmar has stepped onto a new juice platform, launching Wilde 100% Fruit Juice, its first 100% “made from concentrate” fruit juice range to be produced under the Pacmar brands and an extension to its existing premium range, Wilde 100% Pure Pressed Fruit Juice. A logical extension, too, in light of the current consumer spending squeeze.

Wilde 100% Fruit Juice is packed into Elopak and Tetra Pak aaseptic cartons, which allows Wilde 100% to have an extended shelf life of up to twelve months outside the cold chain, without the addition of any sugars or preservatives.

Wilde 100% fruit juice is made in South Africa using real fruit – no additional sugar or preservatives.

Wilde 100%Wilde 100% comes in a variety of four different flavours in two-litre packs (Berry, Orange, Apple and Tropical) and seven different flavours in one-litre packs (Guava, Red Grape Lite, Apple, Mango & Orange, Tropical, Mixed Berry and Orange).

Wilde 100% Fruit Juice has an interactive blog that is regularly updated, see www.wilde100.co.za.

Wilde Pure Pressed Fruit Juice
Wilde Pressed is a premium fruit juice, which is pressed and squeezed. It is not made from concentrate like most juices available and it contains no added sugar or preservatives. This is the purest form of long life fruit juice. Wilde Pressed Fruit Juice is available in one-litre and 200ml size options.

Wilde 100% Fruit Juice
A 100% fruit juice like Wilde 100% contains no additives and is treated against deterioration by permitted methods. The juice can be natural as extracted from the fruit or can be reconstituted from concentrate to a natural single strength. A 100% fruit juice can also be a blend of different juices where each individual fruit juice complies with the above. Wilde 100% fruit juice is available in one-litre, 200ml and four variants in 2 L.