HEBA pap

Noakes confounds his critics again with launch of new low-carb maize substitute!

One of the many criticisms of SA’s low carb-high fat movement is that it’s expensive and elitist. Proving that this is not the case, is the launch by The Noakes Foundation and food company, Banting Blvd, of an affordable low-carb substitute to maize pap and bread.

“We have joined forces and are proud new affiliates of a programme that, amongst other products, will include HEBA Pap, a brand and concept that we have co-developed off the back of our community work,” says The Noakes Foundation’s Jayne Bullen.

“Many South Africans, from all walks of life, are plagued by ill health. Many blame this on fast food, sugary soft drinks and sweets but often the biggest culprit is everyday staples. 

Foods which are commonly known as unhealthy can easily be avoided, but staples are a necessity in most households.

“In order to truly combat poor nutrition we need to find acceptable replacements for maize meal, wheat flour and rice which are just as good in taste and texture but significantly better in nutritional value. 

“The average South African consumes 100kg of maize and maize-related products every year. That may be a huge challenge but it’s an even greater opportunity. 

“It is clear that what South Africans need is a healthy, Banting pap and so HEBA was born. But HEBA is more than just a pap substitute, we are trying to provide a solution and so it has to be relevant to a variety of staples.

“HEBA, selling for only R29 a packet, can be used to make bread, porridge and krummelpap on stove tops, in ovens and even in microwaves.

Heba Pap2“HEBA Pap is good source of protein, high in dietary fibre, low in sodium, grain and gluten free with no added sugar, this means eating less and staying fuller for longer. It contains a mix of ground seeds and coconut flour and is much lower in carbohydrates when compared to common staple foods.”

HEBA Pap has 3g/40g of carbohydrate and 8.8g/40g of fat.

Community outreach

Subject to a very stringent vetting and product analysis, The Noakes Foundation is working alongside Banting Blvd to spread the LCHF word and take it to the rest of the country and the world.

Banting Blvd and the new low-carb pap will be involved in the roll out of Eat Better South Africa!, a community programme where men and women are trained on a budget Banting eating plan with the goal of promoting a healthy Banting lifestyle in low-income areas.

Banting Blvd is pioneering a distribution model that allows for Banting ambassadors to sell HEBA directly to their communities at lower prices with the vision of creating Banting spaza shops. 

The Foundation will flagship and train people through the Eat Better South Africa! programmes, starting with community members from Ocean View, Delft, Lavender Hill and Villiersdorp in the Western Cape.

The product launch also forms part of the start of a new partnership between The Noakes Foundation and Banting Blvd.  All products in the range will hold The Noakes Foundation stamp that is offered to a select group of LCHF partners working with the organisation in its community programmes and who it believes are making South Africa a better place in different ways. 

A portion of all Banting Blvd products sold, all of which fall within Real Meal Revolution’s green list, will assist Eat Better South Africa! programmes.

For more information visit www.thenoaksfoundation.org and www.bantingblvd.co.za