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New trend report from JWT: Food and Drink 2017

Here’s a 2017 update to JWT Intelligence’s fantastically insightful and interesting 2015 report: Food + Drink: Trends and Futures…

Change in food and drink has accelerated since JWT Innovation Group launched Food + Drink: Trends and Futures two years ago. This latest report, Food + Drink: Trends and Futures 2017, extends the conversation to the present and beyond.

Today, the global population stands at seven and a half billion and rising. The industry produces two billion metric tons of food waste per year, with a carbon footprint that represents a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. And sugar intake has come to be recognized as a public health concern that affects a broad swath of consumers.

Yet the industry shows signs of optimism and change. Meat alternatives are evolving and reaching a level of sophistication once thought impossible. Emerging technologies such as VR and AR are being used in creative new ways. And of course, wellness is poised to play a key role in shaping the future of food.

Amid an abundance of choice, how can the industry prepare for the future? Food + Drink: Trends and Futures 2017 aims to inspire brands to shape consumer identity and experience moving forward.

The revised report includes:

  • Interviews with experts in the field, plus desk research on emerging trends from the Innovation Group
  • Seventeen emerging trends across product and experience, including Prescription Nutrition, Insta-Serves, and Edible Artwork
  • An in-depth analysis of trends shaping experience dining
  • A breakout section on visual trends, with examples from both brands and social media

Click here to download this 55-page report. It’s FREE but simple registration required.

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