Yes! beverage

New soft drink ‘Yes!’ launched in Western Cape

Yes! is a new carbonated soft drink, launched in December 2011 in the Western Cape, on a marketing platform of being “a new youth product talking directly to the South African youth market and allowing them a different experience and vision”, according to its press release.

Originally the brainchild of Francois and Jean van Louw, and owned by The Intshona Investment Company, Yes! is a lifestyle brand that will resonate positivity and encourage interactivity amongst youth. “The product is initially launching in the Western Cape and will make its way to the rest of South Africa in early 2012,” notes Francois van Louw. “The brand will carry and deliver a positive message to youth, whilst supporting entrepreneurship and social development.”

Information on the product, taste and flavours, size variants etc are not apparently available, with the Yes! website giving no such clarity.

Says the press release:
The Yes! brand and concept is indeed a unique vision and business model. The carbonated soft drink is merely the start and is a representation of what the overall Yes! brand stands for. The focus on youth involvement and upliftment makes the brand a beacon of positivity for the target market. The drink therefore becomes a means to reach the applicable market and further engage them into other areas of interest including music, fashion and media.

On launch, each bottle hosts a unique code allowing free music downloads for a purchasing audience. The brand experience is therefore taken a step further than just the bottle. This music experience is as result of the unique partnership Yes! has formed with Universal Music Group. This unique partnership entitles Yes! consumers to select any Universal Music Artist’s song from a specially created Yes! music website.

Striving to become the biggest supporter of the South African youth, the product is target primarily at South African teens and young adults. Chosen for its positivity, the Yes! name strives to promote, encourage and sustain positive behaviour and action in the youth target market whilst getting the target market involved.

The product launch will be actively supported by various marketing activities. January 2012 will see the launch of the Yes! Hit Squad – 10 young trendy South Africans – hitting the road in the Western Cape and creating a buzz around the Yes! brand. Key target areas will be beaches, night clubs, lifestyle venues, universities and shopping malls with the squad activating pre planned activities at each location.

The brand will obviously have strong presence on the relevant social media platforms, and will play host to various concerts and key artist performances. Key focus through the campaign is for youth to interact with the brand and upload their positive ‘Yes!’ statements.

Brothers Francois and Jean van Louw birthed the idea of the Yes! brand in early 2011 and by June the company was registered and well on its way to becoming the dream that was originally envisaged.

The drink is now available at PnP stores in the Western Cape.

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