Lays Salt and Pepper

New Salt & Black Pepper flavour brings variety to Lay’s

Simba has introduced a new variant to the snacks category with the launch of Lay’s Salt & Black Pepper, delivering on its promise of “continuously adding delicious flavours to its irresistibly light and crispy range of snacks”.

“Lay’s is one of the most popular potato chips in South Africa because they are made from specially selected potatoes and produced with the highest quality standards. We believe the new flavour will have great appeal for shoppers looking for a different taste experience,” says Roma Ramkhelawan, senior brand manager at Lay’s.

In 2012, Lay’s embarked on a marketing campaign to establish the brand’s positioning to that of irresistibility.  As part of the campaign a new television commercial was launched featuring renowned football star Lionel Messi. This also saw the reintroduction of the Lay’s Salt and Vinegar variant due to overwhelming consumer demand for its return. The launch of the 200g party bag size in three flavours (Salted, Caribbean Onion & Balsamic Vinegar and Spring Onion & Cheese) followed, therefore tapping into the party occasion.

The new Salt & Black Pepper flavour launch is being supported by a cross-platform promotion, which will include sampling across South Africa as well as a new television commercial.

Limited edition Lay’s Salt & Black Pepper will be available nationwide from February to July 2013 in the large 125g packet.

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