New premium iced coffee range

Fair Cape Dairies and the Chilla Beverage Company have teamed up to develop a range of dairy-based premium iced coffees. The new Chilla Iced Coffees are claimed as “authentic iced coffee”, comprising of Chilla’s coffee blends and Fair Cape milk.

Daniel Levitt from the Chilla Beverage Company explains that Chilla Iced Coffee is targeted at consumers who enjoy the coffee shop lifestyle on the run: “The Chilla Beverage Co has found the perfect partner in Fair Cape Dairies and we’ve teamed up to offer consumers an iced coffee range made with quality coffee and milk, encompassing the entire coffee shop experience on-the-go,” says Levitt.

Chilla Iced Coffees are packed in a slender 250ml, latte-shaped bottle, with a design by renowned South African designer and product development specialist Brian Steinhobel, founder of award-winning design consultancy Steinhobel Design. The bottles are supplied by Nampak Liquid and the shrink sleeves by Colpak.

Chilla Iced Coffees come in the following flavours: Classic Coffee; Hazelnut; Mocha; Toffee Fudge and Chai.

“At Fair Cape we’re broadening our product range into the chilled coffee market by teaming up with The Chilla Beverage Co, leaders in the South African coffee and hot chocolate market. The new range of iced coffees offer consumers an authentic coffee-drinking experience that tastes just as great as if it were served at their favourite coffee shop,”” says Joel Serman, commercial manager of Fair Cape Dairies.

These blends have a shelf life of six months without refrigeration, but should be served chilled. RSP is from R8.99 and they are available in selected supermarkets nationwide.