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Olive Pride new packs

New look for Olive Pride

Olive Pride has launched new packaging for its range of olives to ensure better shelf appeal. Olive Pride is part of Southern Canned Products (SCP), based in Cape Town.

“The range of olives available at leading retailers was a sea of olive green, which made it very difficult to differentiate between the various brands,” explains Marisa Maccaferri, marketing manager of Olive Pride.

“We needed to break out of that mould. We had recently redesigned our logo and stacked the words to give us better shelf standout and wanted to bring the olives in line with our new positioning.

“Bravo Design, a superb design agency in the creative hub in Cape Town, redesigned the range. The inspiration was to shake up the olive category with bright packs, our new logo and to up-weight important elements of our brand. The green pack is striking, bright and contains green-pitted olives and the pimiento olives are packed in a beautiful, bright red pack. We also included an olive-shaped window for consumers to see what they’re buying.”

With the new packaging, the company hopes to increase sales by being easier to identify and creating better shelf presence. “I believe the new packaging will help us reach our full sales potential in the category. Olives have great health benefits besides being tasty and versatile.”

The range consists of Pitted Manzanilla Green Olives, a green olive with a briny, nutty flavour, and the Pitted Green Olives stuffed with Pimiento Red Pepper, which look attractive on any party platter.

Olive Pride products are available at the affordable price of R9.99 per pack.

Olive Pride; www.olivepride.co.za


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