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Canderel Crunch

New crunchy Canderel variant launched in SA

With so much interest in sugar-alternatives and sugar-free eating, it’s timeous that Canderel Crunch has been launched in SA.

Crunch non-nutritive sweetener looks and tastes just like sugar, without the kilojoules. Canderel Crunch is available in two variants, sucralose and stevia, combined with erythritol to give it a sugary appearance.

Both variants have 97% less kilojoules than sugar.

Says the PR blurb: “Enjoy old favourites like a crisp cookie or a thick slice of cake without worrying about the sugar content. Canderel Crunch’s sugar-like texture and free-flowing nature makes it perfect for baking deliciously sweet cakes, tarts, muffins or cookies and whipping up your favourite smoothies without the kilojoules.

“Canderel Crunch with Sucralose is specifically designed to ensure perfect sugar-free bakes. Unlike many other sweeteners, Sucralose withstands high temperatures and maintains its sweetness during baking.

Canderel Crunch is also perfect for sprinkling on fruit, yoghurt and cereal. Half a teaspoon of Canderel Crunch with Sucralose is equivalent in sweetness to one teaspoon of sugar, with only three kilojoules per serving. Crunch with Stevia has just 2Kj per serving. In comparison, sugar has a whopping 85Kj per teaspoon.”

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