New Barry Callebaut chocolate dubbed ‘a paradigm shift’

The chocolate ingredients powerhouse has unveiled Second Generation Chocolate, which uses a customised process to produce a more natural and clean label confection with 50% less sugar.

When Peter Boone first joined Barry Callebaut as the chocolate ingredient giant’s chief innovation officer in 2012, he sat down with the R&D team and asked them what was unique about cocoa.

In an interview, Boone, now the company’s CEO, recalled the answers they gave. They told him it was one of the richest raw materials available, close to crude oil. Cocoa has 35,000 genes and is made up of 2,000 different components that enhance taste, smell and even human health.

But, at that point, to make chocolate, the company did a basic grading of the beans, performed general fermentation and roasting actions, and then added many other ingredients to come up with a consistent flavour.

But Barry Callebaut had invested years of research delving into cocoa, determining flavour profiles, figuring out which fruits were optimal for which applications. Boone said 10 years ago the company should use that research to improve the finished product, which was made in a way that hadn’t significantly changed in more than a century.

At an event in Venice this week, Barry Callebaut executives announced the launch of the end result of that research: Second Generation Chocolate.

Barry Callebaut CEO Peter Boone speaks at the launch event in Venice.

This new approach to chocolate, Boone said, uses targeted and precise harvesting, fermentation and roasting methods in order to bring out the best natural flavours and aromas in cocoa.

“[This is] not just an innovation, but we think it’s a real paradigm shift in the world of chocolate,” Boone said at the event. “A product that represents superb quality and exciting reinvention. A whole new future for our industry.”

“Consumers have changed, but chocolate has not changed with them.”Bas Smit, Barry Callebaut’s global vice president of marketing

The new take on chocolate lets the natural qualities of the cacao beans take center stage. Second Generation Chocolate has cocoa as its first ingredient — Boone said each bar of the new chocolate has 80% more cocoa. Sugar is also reduced by half.

And the ingredient list for this new chocolate is very short: just cocoa and sugar, plus milk if it’s milk chocolate. Barry Callebaut executives said Second Generation Chocolate follows the company’s CCC principle, which stands for Cocoa Cultivation and Craft.

Source: Barry Callebaut,