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Nestlé USA prioritises nutrition, cuts salt, artificial flavours

The US arm of international food giant Nestlé has become the latest food manufacturer in the US to announce the reformulation of many of its products to reflect increasing consumer pressure for clean label products and reduced salt.

The company has announced that it will reduce salt levels by 10 percent in more than 250 US frozen pizza and snack products and remove all artificial flavours from these foods by the end of 2015.

The company will reformulate products across six brands – DiGiorno, Tombstone, California Pizza Kitchen, Jack’s, Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets – as part of its effort to improve the nutritional profile of foods while maintaining or improving their taste, by reducing salt, for example.

By the end of year, Nestlé USA will also add on-pack guidance to these products, to help educate consumers on choosing appropriate portion sizes and the importance of eating vegetables and fruits as part of a balanced plate.

By the end of 2015, Nestlé will have:

• Removed artificial flavours from every product within these brands.

• Reduced sodium by 10 percent across the entire portfolio of these six pizza and snack brands compared to 2013 levels.

• Incorporated guidance tools on packaging across these brands to help educate consumers on choosing appropriate portion sizes and the importance of eating vegetables and fruits as part of a balanced plate.

“We know people want to feel good about the foods they eat, and they’re seeking foods made with fewer artificial ingredients and less sodium,” said John Carmichael, president of the Nestlé Pizza & Snacking Division, Nestlé USA. “As one of the nation’s largest food companies, Nestlé is listening to consumers and delivering on their desire for convenient, great-tasting foods that have an improved nutritional profile.”

In addition, tools designed to educate consumers on portion sizes and the importance of balancing their plate with fruits and vegetables will be available on the packaging for these products, as well as on more than 250 other pizza and snack products.

“Portion guidance is our way of making it easier for consumers to make informed choices that are right for them and their family,” said Cassie Hoover, RDN, nutrition, health and wellness manager, Nestlé Pizza & Snacking Division, Nestlé USA. “We’ll continue to look for ways to help people enjoy our pizza and snack options as part of a well-balanced, great-tasting and nutritious diet.”

Last week fast food chains Pizza Hut and Taco Bell announced plans to reformulate their products to reflect the growing trend for natural foods and transparent ingredients.

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