Il Morso coffee snack

Morphing coffee into a bite-sized snack

With the increase in busy lifestyles, convenience food is becoming something of an essential. A start-up from San Francisco has launched a bite-sized coffee treat that fulfils this demand.

Each bite contains 1g of sugar, 15-25 calories and an espresso-sized dose of caffeine to give a convenient boost to those on the go. Fulfilling both the needs of a coffee drinker and those looking for a “treat”, according to the team behind the innovation, the confectionery, dubbed Il Morso, provides a “profoundly more stimulating experience than brewed coffee drinks”.

Co-founder, Jason Berton, says Il Morso is a mouth-melting coffee portioned to feel like an espresso shot.

“We use the same simple ingredients found in your barista-prepared cup of coffee with the addition of cocoa butter. Our process delivers a bite of coffee that indulgently melts you to a buzzed euphoria.

“Our ingredients are organic, fair, and NON-GMO. We did a lot of research to design the roasts we use and we are proud to offer an honest, bold coffee experience.

He adds that Il Morso is for those with a busy lifestyle who prefer to have more control over the quality of food they eat – the same people who thrive on an extra boost of coffee and prefer to be any place other than in a coffe-shop line….. Read the full article