Meal kits with a profound difference!

This is an intriguing take on the meal kit recently launched in the US….

The world is entering a global food transition, much like the global energy transition, fueled by changing consumer preferences, climate change, and shifts in the capital market landscape.

These seismic tailwinds are spurring new consumer demand, abetted by significant advancements in biology, chemistry, and physics.

Leveraging these new opportunities is Squareat, a start up in the US that has reinvented the concept of food by giving it a new shape – for ultra convenience but with health, flavour, taste, quality and sustainability top of mind, too.

Its food Squares are 100% natural healthy foods, just in a different shape – and are emphatically not a meal replacement, says the company.

Convenient mono-portions, about 45g per Square, can be combined to create a full meal or complement other recipes.

  • The Squares are easy and convenient to consume.
  • They are precooked using gourmet techniques like low-temperature cooking and thermal shocking that preserve nutrients, textures and maintain intact flavours.
  • The Squares last up to two weeks in a regular fridge with no additives or preservatives. 
  • They come individually vacuum-sealed, avoiding any liquid exchange. Their uniform squared shape allows the film to stick perfectly to the food. The total absence of oxygen inside the package extends shelf life significantly.
  • The packs are 100% recyclable cardboard, with a film free from BPA, safe for food contact, microwavable, and freezable. They can be cooked in multiple ways.
  • The portion-controlled nature makes them perfect for everybody’s needs and easier and intuitive to target macronutrients.
  • The meals are delivered inside a refrigerated cooler bag, customers then ship it back to the company empty and it covers the costs.

“With Squareat you can finally fully customise your diet, minimise waste, and maximise food variety,” says Squareat. “By combining our 20 different flavours you can achieve more than 3 000 different full meals.”