Matte is the new black in snack packaging

Here’s why snack packaging is going matte: better brand exposure in retailers, a sense of natural and improved texture are just a handful of the reasons.

Traditional high-gloss packs will soon be a thing of the past as snack makers turn to matte finishes in the battle for shelf appeal, says Andrew Streeter, director of packaging consultancy firm CPS International, and director of packaging innovation at Datamonitor.

While matte finishes had been used in snacks for some time, their use was intensifying thanks to several drivers, he told

The first driver was retail driven and pragmatic. “Where you’ve got supermarkets that are well lit you get reflected light on the pack, rather than absorbed light. So, a matte finish reduces this highlight and you can see more of the branding.”

Secondly, he said matte was associated with something closer to paper and therefore aligned with nature and naturalness – something that resonated with increasingly savvy consumers.

“The third thing is it’s also tactile. Remember packaging is not just visual – with matte you do get a different texture to match.”

Another expert agrees. Head of technical marketing at Infinium Printing in the US, Philip Nader, says snack companies are shifting to matte finishes in a bid to outpace competition.

“Matte finish becomes a way to differentiate the package. For the consumer to make their decision, which is anywhere between three and five seconds, it can influence whether they might buy that package or not. The snack shelf takes up a whole aisle in the supermarket and they all have these shiny packages, if you see a matte finish it’s a little bit different,” he says.

Nader adds that the move to matte could also spark a sense of throwback for consumers with memories of freshly baked goods packed in paper bags in store. This in turn, he said, led to a perceived higher quality…. Read the full article