Marketing to today’s mom, 21st century style

TODAY, many efforts to “market to Mom” appear to address an imaginary central household anchor who calmly monitors all social, nutritional and domestic needs of her children, shops routinely and leisurely every week with her handy list, and has high standards of quality for her growing children.

The truth is this Rockwellian portrayal of Mom no longer exists – if it ever really did.

And even for those moms who are able to sustain and play out this arrangement in some form, the image evoked in such an address is out of touch with the realities of the cultural dynamics of today’s consumer moms.

This white paper, the first in The Hartman Group Lifestyle Series, reveals how the imagery that many marketers have of moms is out of step – and often out of touch – with the cultural realities of today. In “Marketing to Today’s Mom” learn the new truths and consequences of life in the 21st Century household and what it means for your company.

Download the paper here: “Marketing to Today’s Mom”